Cover: A Touristsí Mexico 1936 Diego Rivera
INBA Collection Palais des Beaux Arts Mexico

Rivera satirizes the picturesque version of Mexico held by tourists and foreign intellectuals. Wearing donkey heads, they are part of a false masquerade in which the painter introduces a mockery of the Mexican ex-president Plutarco Elias Calles in the guise of a Punchinello with a tiger's head. The woman, top centre, is the journalist Katherine Anne Porter

Diego Rivera, a memorable figure in 20th-century art, actively painted during the 50 years from 1907 to 1957. Mexican by birth, Rivera spent a good portion of his adult life in Europe and the United States as well as in his home in Mexico City. Early in his career, he dabbled in Cubism and later embraced Post-Impressionism, but his unique style and perspective are immediately recognizable as his own. He was involved in the world of politics as a dedicated Marxist and joined the Mexican Communist Party in 1922. He hosted Russian exile Leon Trotskv and his wife at his home in Mexico Citv in the 1930s. Lived in unsettled times and led a turbulent life, Diego Rivera, widely known for his Marxist leanings, along with Marxism Revolutionary Che Guevara and a small band of contemporary figures, has become a countercultural svmbol of 20th centurv and created a legacy in the art that continues to inspire the imagination and mind.