The next Oik (28) will appear mid January 2016

Postage costs are still high but production costs are lower. Taking advantage of Lulu's frequent deals we can get an Oik for as low as 3. Those distributed by hand should cost not much more. For those sent out by post add about 1.

The Crazy Oik is now on sale in the New Cornerhouse (renamed Home) at 2 Tony Wilson Place


"This is just the kind of thing I like" - Carol Anne Duffy - reported by our sales director, the indefatigable Bob Wild when he pressed one on her at a reading in Didsbury. She hadn't of course read it when she said that.

"That Ralph Bundlethorpe should be reported to the police" - Bronwyn Wild (Bob's sister-in-law) on reading Retirement Year One in Oik 1

"Our Cissie's Norman's Darren thinks your Oik is the best thing since that Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich" - David Birtwistle

"Am thoroughly enjoying Oik 3 (possible masthead slogan might be: OIK RULES OK) especially the Sartreana, visual and verbal. Many laughs throughout." - Alexis Lykiard - poet & novelist

"Thanks for the two Oiks which are very well produced and for the contents which are entertaining and combative and lots of other things." - John Murray - novelist