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Amis, Martin – reviews Julian Barnes
Barnes, Julian – reviews Martin Amis
Bell, Steve Oik Cartoon
Bob Leeson
Bookbarn, Somerset
Burns, Jim  
	Radicals, Beats & Beboppers
	The Apotheosis of St Jim
	Write As Short As You Can
	Gatley An Oik Paris
	Poetry in Deansgate
Batuman, Elif - Creative Writing A Dissenting View
Begging – Ethics of
Benjamin, Walter Complete Works
Birtwistle, Dave
	Six of One and Half a Dozen of the Other 
	Complete Oikus
	The Find
Bishop, Elizabeth – On Writing (Paris Review)
Bloom, Harold – On Writing (Paris Review)
Bludger, Kevin - The Best Job I Ever Had 
Blyde, Ray
	My Daughter's Boyfriend's Father 
	Selected Poems
Bohn’s Bookshop Liverpool
Braddock, Matt
Braka, Bette - Selected Poems 
Brierley, Walter – Sandwichman
Brown, Peter Currell – Smallcreep’s Day
Bruckner, Anton - Fifth Symphony by Klemperer
Bundlethorpe, Ralph -Retirement Year One 
Burgess, Anthony
	Burgess Redux
	Apologies to Anthony
Caldas, John - in Tib Lane
Callow, Philip – Another Flesh
Carey, Peter – On Writing (Paris Review)
Carr, Raymond – Three Readers
Céline in English
Christie, Alix – We Ten Million
Clay, Ken
	Editorial (1) 
	Editorial (2)
	Editorial (3)
	Editorial (4)
	Editorial (5)
	Editorial (6)
	Editorial (7)
	Editorial (8)
	Editorial (9)
	Editorial (10)
	Editorial (11)
	Editorial (12)
	Editorial (13)
	Editorial (14)
	Editorial (15)
	Editorial (16)
	Editorial (17)
	Editorial (18)
	Editorial (19)
	Editorial (20)
	Complete Oikus
	Nietzsche’s Birthday
Coleridge ST – The Friend
Common, Jack – Kiddar’s Luck and The Ampersand
Creative Writing
	Can You Teach it?
	Elif Batuman’s Review
	An Exchange – K. Clay-Brett Wilson-Marie Feargrieve- Ron Horsefield
	Letter from Tom Kilcourse
	Reality Hunger – David Shields
	We Ten Million – Alix Christie
Crescent (pub)
De Quincey – English Lake Poets
Dent, Alan
	Common Cause by Francis Combes
	Comments on The Green Sock
	The Penniless Press
	A Dialogue on Determinism
Dilnutt, Horace - Complete Oikus
Doolittle, Kayti
	Photo with Tiger
	In Korea
	Sweet Nothings
Eddy’s Bookstall
	Du Coté de Chez Eddy 
	Manc Oik Sightings #1
	Omlette on a Bap
	De Quincey
	Health & Efficiency
	Junkyard Dog
	Hauptmann Collected Works
	Black Day at Eddy’s – the Vibrator
	Stalin for Beginners / Mafflard?
Facteur Cheval’s Palais Ideal
Feargrieve, Marie
	Complete Oikus 
	Away the Lads 
	Ruminations on Writing
	More Thoughts on Writing
	The Chauvinist Oik
Five Leaves Bookshop Nottingham
Ford, Nigel (see also Worldscribe)
	The Scam and the Obsolete Processing Works 
	Whatever Happened to Ulla Holmberg? 
	One Dog Barking – publication of
Fortean Times – Impregnation by TV
	Crazy Oiks in France (Ry and Facteur Cheval)
	Pleiadolatry - Strasbourg
	La Résistance
Franzen, Jonathan on ebooks
Gardner, John – On Writing (Paris Review)
Gatley – An Oik Paris
Glossop – Bookshops
Glover, Dan - An Idiot's Guide to Writing
Guerin, Alain
Harrison, Tony - Continuous
Hauptmann, Gerhart - Gesammelte Werk At Eddy’s
Health & Efficiency
Hitler the Bookworm
Horsefield, Ron
	Complete Oikus 
	Marmoreal Hornbags of France No 1
Howden, Keith Gospels of St Belgrano
Jaruzelski, Stefan -Biggles Pulls It Off 
Junkyard Dog
	At Eddy’s
	The Vanity of Authorship 
Kilcourse, Tom
	Underground Movement 
	The Dogs of War
	On Oik 6 (Marie Feargrieve)
	Digital Publishing Outlets
	A Publishing Scam
        	An Open Letter on Oik Writing
        	All in This Together – reviewed by K. Clay
        	Pissheads in the Seine Valley
        	Publishing with Createspace
        	The Human Circus
        	Who Killed Clarissa
        	The Great Collapse
        	More Short Stories
	A Deadly Deception
Leiter, Brian - Nietzsche the Prophet
Lewis, Paul (Brett Wilson)
Leonard, Elmore – Rules for Writing
Lykiard, Alexis
	Great Poet Hails Surreal Quip
	Haiku at Seventy
	No One's Aunt 
Mann, William - On Bruckner
McCarthy, Joe
	Smirnoff and Lime 
	Oiku: Talkies
	Old Black Gold 
Mackay Charles The Madness of Crowds
	Manc Oik Sightings #1
	Man U and Man City
Meredith, Keith
	Journey to Slovakia 1968 
Moat, Raoul - Moat’s Mysterious Moniker
Morrison, Toni – On Writing (Paris Review)
Morrison, Ewan On epublishing
Munro, Alice – On Writing (Paris Review)
	Nietzsche the Prophet – Brian Leiter
	Nietzsche and Free Will
	Definition from OED
	A Litigation?
	Disrespectful Oiks
	Oik Writing
	Class is Permanent – Susanna Rustin
	On Sale in the Cornerhouse
Parker, Sean (see Junkyard Dog)
Parkinson’s Bookshop Southport
Peck, Dale – On Publishing
Penniless Press
Philips Gallery 
	End of in Tib Lane
	John Caldas Exhibition
	Histories of – Lewes, Russell, Copelston, Monk
	Nietzsche the Prophet
	Nietzsche and Free Will
	A Dialogue on Determinism
	Free Will & Determinism : An Addendum
	Free Will, Determinism & Pre-Firing Neurons
Pigs Might Fly (poem)
Pissheads in the Seine Valley
Price, Richard – On Writing (Paris Review)
Poetry in Deansgate
Pollitt, Christopher - A Good Belting 
	The Queneau Prize for a reverse story
	Great Readers #2
Reading, Peter – Perduta Gente
Robinson, Marilynne – On Writing (Paris Review)
Royson, John 
	Another Country 
	Another Country critique
Rustin, Susanna – Class is Permanent
	Digital Outlets
	Publishing & the Internet – Clay Shirkey
	Tom Kilcourse & the Scammers
	Publishing with Createspace – Tom Kilcourse
	On Ebooks by Luke Johnson
	Ebooks an Update
Sheilds, David – Reality Hunger reviewed by Blake Morrison
Shirkey, Clay – Cognitive Surplus (review of)
Shitehawks (Manchester)
Shitehawks (Japan)
Sillitoe, Alan – reviews Ruth Fainlight (his missis)
Sontag, Susan – On Writing
Stone, Robert – On Writing (Paris Review)
Stalin – For Beginners
Street, Peter
Styron, William – On Writing (Paris Review)
Tanner, Paul
	A Rumble and a Patter
	Dole Anthems
	New Collection + Cartoon
	The News
Thomas, David - The Lie 
Tressell, Robert – The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists
Voices 1
Voices 2
Voices 3
Voices 4
Voices 5
Vonnegut, Kurt 
	On writing (Paris Review)
	Rules for Writing
Voss, Fred - Goodstone
White E.B. – On Writing (Paris Review)
Whitehead, Fred
Wild, Bob
	The Good Little Goers 
	12 Oikus: Our Ernie 
	Complete Oikus 
	The Dogs of War
Wild, Ernest - Boabdil 
Wild, Ernest Accident
Wild, Jack Smylie -An Incident in Downing Street 
Wilson, Brett
	Heat (critique)
	Complete Oikus 
	Late Night Aesthetics 
	Rant #4 - If You Knew
	Can an Oxford Don Recognise a Closed Minded Highly Motivated Pedant?
	Four Korean Films
	Different Strokes
	Impact Books: An Introduction
	Dr Gerhardt Lovenpants Speaks Out: Married Love 
	Rant No 5 Clause
	The Dead Watch: Underkill
	Wxds Twx
	The Glass Bead Game
	Oiku: Toast and Wanking
	Tears of God Chapter One
	Sibelius Five
	Pandora's Doll
	All of Me
	Jazz in Manchester
	Proms on TV
	Rant #2
	Rant #3
	Paul Lewis
Wilson, Edmund – On Crime Fiction
Winklemann – Three Readers
Wodehouse PG – On Writing (Paris Review)
Wolf – Three Readers
Worpole, Ken – Dockers & Detectives