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Modern Times  

Jean-Paul was up the Eiffel tower. He'd been reading that Hegel again and trying to figure out the meaning of existence. Most people thought he was on the brink anyway. His left eye looked down and this caused a bout of nausea. The right eye looked over the rooftops to Notre Dame. Something rang a bell. He began to realise what a short gap there was between being and nothingness. "If I jump now, it would prove........." "No! I never took them ladders back and I don't want our Simone's Nicole thinking I'm a cochon voleur like that kraut Heidegger." 

Vanishing Point  

He felt lost. Something was missing in his life. He wanted to get away from it all, to disappear and find something new and ultimately challenging. He wanted to leave behind the mundane and face up to the big mysteries of life. He packed his bags, bought a ticket and checked in as one of only two passengers aboard the merchant ship "Marie Celeste'.