Traditionally this was the editor's reject pile - a steel spike on which he impaled the unwanted. The Oik spike is not quite that - more a curiosity corner which may well include stuff too big, too weird (is that possible?) or anything off even the Oik's beaten track which, nevertheless, we consider of merit and interest. This stuff may appear in later editions.

Another Country - John Royson
Six of One and Half Dozen of the Other - Dave Birtwistle
Smirnoff and Lime - Joe McCarthy
Old Black Gold - Joe McCarthy
Selected Poems - Ray Blyde
The Lie - David Thomas
Boabdil - Ernest Wild
Journey to Slovakia 1968 - Keith Meredith
Slovakia Days
A Good Belting - Christopher Pollitt
Heat - Brett Wilson
Selected Poems - Bette Braka
Oikus - Various
The Scam and the Obsolete Processing Works - Nigel Ford
A Dialogue on Determinism - Ken Clay / Alan Dent
Sweet Nothings - Kayti Doolittle
Brett's Bedlam
Nietzsche the Prophet - Brian Leiter (TLS)